SOL Day 25

When I head to school tomorrow morning I will be able to say there are only 3 more wake-ups until spring break. That sounds manageable, right?


The weeks (months!) between winter break and spring break always seem never-ending.  For weeks, I’ve been making lists of things I can’t wait to do during spring break.  The list consists of things I can’t do during the school year:

  1. Read a whole bunch of books that I pick.  Not books I have to read, but books I have been dying to read.
  2. Sleep past 7am.  I’ll still get up at 5:15am to walk the dogs with Chris, but then I plan to head back to bed.
  3. Walk the dogs in the middle of the day.
  4. Eat lunches that I don’t pack myself.
  5. Go shopping!
  6. Write a whole bunch of stuff.
  7. Binge on a bunch of shows I’ve fallen behind on, like Law and Order: SVU.

Just four more days until spring break starts.

This will be me in just a few days.

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