SOL Day 23

Tonight Dublin and I participated in a read to the dogs event. We usually do this once per month, but with the holidays and winter weather we hadn’t had an event since November. It took him a few minutes to settle in, but he did some great work tonight!

Dublin loves working with kids, and kids who need him usually find him. He’s worked with kids diagnosed with autism and with kids with cerebral palsy. He loves reading with kids and will gladly sit and listen to them. Tonight he spent an hour with a young girl who was scared of dogs. Her family is hoping to get her a support dog, but they were worried about her fear of dogs. They came to read to the dogs so that she could see how nice dogs can be.

Well, I think it worked! She was immediately drawn to Dubs and went on to spend an hour with him. By the end she was hugging him and giving him treats! She read a few books to him (and made sure he looked at the pictures). He put up with being pet a little rough, and she learned how to be gentle with puppies.

Dubs has been a therapy dog for about 5-6 years now. It’s definitely my favorite thing to do with him and I highly recommend looking into therapy dog work if your dog is comfortable around strangers.