SOL Day 21

Last night we got the call that school would be closed today due to the impending storm. For days, the meteorologists have been talking about the 4th nor’easter in 3 weeks and upping the snow totals with each forecast. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to no snow.

Ok, I figured. It will probably start soon

No snow at 8am.

Or 10am.

Or 11:30am

By noon, it looked pretty wet and slushy outside, but the snow forecast seemed to be busting. It was irritating, because we easily could have had school. Maybe we would have needed an early dismissal, but it was clear the morning would have been fine.

Finally, around 3pm the snow started. The meteorologists kept saying we would get a foot of snow, but I found it hard to believe them.

Well it’s now almost midnight and I have had to eat crow. There was about 6 inches of snow when we shoveled the driveway at 9pm and it looks like another 3+ inches have fallen.

It’s supposed to keep snowing until 2am, so we might be buried when we wake up in the morning. They’ve called a delay for school, but the schools in my town are already closed tomorrow. Considering we’ve already had a bunch of snow days this year it does not bode well for summer vacation!