SOL Day 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I wish I could have made it back to HTHS for the musical, but it’s been a very busy day around here. I thought I was going to make it, but we had a lot of St. Patrick’s Day celebrating to do!

This afternoon we tried a new-to-us Irish pub in Matawan and had some delicious Irish food. As Chris pointed out, the Irish aren’t known for colorful food.

Luckily, Irish food is delicious. I had bangers and mash, which I first tried in Ireland, and Chris had fish and chips. I was tempted to try the Irish soda bread pudding for dessert, but we were both ridiculously full after eating the huge lunch portions. I also remembered the giant an of Irish soda bread sitting on my counter at home (and the second loaf I’ll be making tomorrow).

After lunch, I dropped Chris off at home and turned around to go to my parents. I had to drop off the St. Paddy’s Day bandannas Chris made for my parents’ dogs, so I brought Dublin and Navan with me. We ended up walking the four dogs together then let them play in the backyard for about an hour.

I was hoping that would exhaust them, as they ran like banshees and even Dublin played! Well they weren’t tired, but they did manage to roll in some wild animal’s poop. So gross. That meant they both needed baths when we finally got home. Not something I planned on and not a fast process.

After their baths it was too late to make it to the play, so we joined our friends for a walk at Turkey Swamp Park. Can I just say I love how long the sun is up now? It didn’t get dark until about 7:30! We were able to do another 1.5 miles, for a total of 6.5 miles today.

After that walk they were finally tired. I grabbed two Dairy Queen Oreo mint blizzards on the way home and surprised Chris with them. We enjoyed our ice cream for dinner; Chris spent the rest of the evening working and I finally sat down to watch basketball. My bracket is slowly busting, but man we’re some of today’s games great!