SOL Day 16


Ten good things that happened this week:

  1. I wrote 36 pages.  Yes, 36.  They are pretty much word vomit at this point, but I’ll take it!
  2. It’s March Madness!  Yesterday, one of my bracket’s was fantastic.  Today, that bracket tanked and yesterday’s eh bracket jumped ahead. I’m currently 22/28 in my best bracket. The upsets don’t help me, but I love them anyway.
  3. I went out to dinner with my favorite teaching friends today.  During our sushi date we were treated to a bagpipe and tin whistle performance by a local Irish organization.  It was a little out of place in Fusha, an Asian restaurant, but it was awesome.
  4. My Irish soda bread is in the oven.  It’s taking longer to cook than I thought it would, but it will be perfect for breakfast tomorrow. I prefer moist soda bread and this one is like cake.
  5. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day!
  6. I’m almost caught up on grading.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts, because on Monday my 9th graders will turn in their op-eds and I’ll be drowning once again.
  7. Because I’m almost caught up on grading, I should have time to read this weekend.  I’ve got a huge pile of books to get through and I’m looking forward to getting through one or two.
  8. The dogs went to doggie daycare today. so they are nice and tired.  This means they will be cool with relaxing for a good amount of time tomorrow.
  9. I found a cool new place to go hiking.  Hopefully, we will get over there sometime during the upcoming weekends to try it out.  There’s a suspension bridge!
  10. It’s the weekend!!