SOL Day 13

This is how the day started:

Just a few fluffy inches of snow. March is definitely coming in like a lion. But by the time I left school, all of the snow was gone.

I wanted to walk the dogs, but I did not want to go to the park because I knew it would be nothing but an endless mud puddle and I would end up with very muddy dogs. Thankfully, I remembered a park one town over had a paved path. It was crazy windy, but we got our walk in and they enjoyed some enrichment (aka climbing on the playground equipment and digging in the mulch). From snow to this in a few short hours:

I ended the day with two therapy dog tests (I’m an evaluator) and corned beef with mashed potatoes for dinner. Now I’m hoping to watch the season finale of This Is Us before going to bed in order to avoid being spoiled tomorrow. I’m so upset the season is over, but at least I know I won’t be crying every week for a few months!