SOL Day 12

Happy day! I think we should automatically get a delayed opening after the time change in the spring. Everyone was tired and crabby today, so tomorrow’s late arrival will be much appreciated. I hope everyone, staff and students alike, sleeps in a bit. I’ll be up at 5:15 to walk the dogs with Chris, but then I plan to go back to bed for a bit. Maybe I can gain back that hour I lost!

Not so appreciated? The power outages that will likely come with this, our third nor’easter in 10 days. We aren’t expected to get much, if any, snow, but the winds are already blowing out there. There’s a wintry mix falling from the sky, too.

I’m crossing my fingers that we keep our power. It went out briefly a few minutes ago, so Chris is putting the sump pump generator on standby. Why does the power insist on going out in the middle of the night? Cross your fingers for us, or we will have a long night ahead of us.