SOL Day 9

Today was just a regular day.  The dogs went to doggie daycare, so they are wiped out.  Both of them are sleeping next to me on the couch right now.  Navan was bouncing off the walls yesterday, so I was very excited to drop them off for a few hours of craziness today.

After work, I ran some errands.  I stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up a gift and did some browsing, but I managed not to buy anything for myself.  I picked up the dogs when I was done and came home to get ready for the weekend.  I have a crazy busy weekend and tomorrow is especially busy.  I am teaching the last session of a middle school science enrichment course tomorrow morning and then I have to go straight to a party.  The dress code for the two events is very different, so it took me about an hour to pack everything up this evening.  I had to go in the attic and pull out some of my summer clothes because the only clothes I had for the party were black and grey.  I might need more color in my wardrobe…

Luckily, Homechef was delivered yesterday and I remembered to include a vegetarian meal for Friday (yay Lent!).  The meal, which was a rigatoni pasta dish, was pretty simple to prep and cook.  Even better?  It was good!

Now I’m sitting on the couch working on a secret project with Law and Order on in the background.  Law and Order is my constant background noise thanks to it’s many iterations and seasons.  I have to pack up a few more items for tomorrow then get some sleep before my busy day tomorrow!


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  1. Sounds solid and productive. I, of course, want to hear more about the secret project.

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