SOL Day 6

Teachers love snow days, especially during the long stretch between winter break and spring break. We had a crazy nor’easter last week, but it was a mostly rain event. But tomorrow might be different!

Snowstorms are notoriously hard to predict accurately during March due to the warm temperatures and sun angles. However, this storm might be a doozy. The problem is that the difference between getting 12 inches and getting 2 inches might be 10-15 miles. So far, the meteorologists I follow on social media are predicting 6-12 inches for my house. The community college where I work has already closed, as has the state university, and the district one town over is closed. We have been told an early dismissal is possible, but the latest forecasts show that will be the height of the storm with 1-2 inches of snow per hour. I’m hoping we just call the day before anyone gets to school!

In the mean time, I’ll keep checking the snow day calculator while I wait by the phone.