SOL Day 5

On Monday nights Navan has obedience class, so Dublin and I hang out. As soon as Navan walks out the door with Chris, Dublin is off to the races. We do about a half hour of trick training and review, because Dubs is working towards his novice trick title. Then we spend time outside playing fetch and practicing obedience.

Dublin’s absolute favorite game, by far, is hide-and-seek. During hide-and-seek he has to stay in a down position while I hide somewhere in the house or outside. It’s a great way to expend mental energy and he is all about it. The photo up top was from one of our games tonight. He was supposed to be staying on that chair while I hid, but he could barely sit still due to excitement!

After an hour+ of training and games he went and sat by the front door. About 4 minutes later, Chris and Navan got home. Seriously- how do dogs know when someone is about to come home?! He’s now passed out on the couch after enjoying a frozen Kong. Life is good for this wiggle-butt.