SOL Day 4

Other than making dinner tonight (ramen) and potato soup for tomorrow, today has been full of nothing.  Not that it’s a bad thing!

I’ve spent the evening watching the Oscars and waiting for Keala Settle’s performance of “This Is Me”.  Back in the fall I attended Elsiefest, a celebration of Broadway and pop music held in New York City and organized by Darren Cris.  One of the surprise performances was the first public performance of “This Is Me” and Keala blew the (metaphorical) roof off Central Park.  No one had heard the song before that moment, the movie wouldn’t come out for another 3ish months, and unknown songs at concerts are always a risk.  Well, within just a few bars the whole place was singing along.

I saw Keala Settle in Waitress and loved her performance, but her work in The Greatest Showman is just fantastic.  The whole soundtrack is great, but I could listen to “This Is Me” on endless repeat for hours.  I’m hoping that it wins Best Song tonight; the fact that it seems like it will be the last performance before the award is making me very hopeful.  Even if it doesn’t win, I am sure Keala’s performance will be amazing!

Video behind the scenes of “This Is Me”


ETA:  Booooo!  Keala’s performance was incredible, but the Oscar went to “Remember Me” from Coco.  I know Coco was incredible, but the song was by far the most underwhelming of the nominated songs.  I would have loved have seen “Mighty River” or “Stand Up for Something” win if “This Is Me” couldn’t win.  Ugh.

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