Slice of Life #29

The e.e. cummings quote above is one of my favorites and it was very appropriate today. The dogs and I went for a walk after school because the weather was gorgeous. What I did not realize was just how wet the trails would be. Once we got into the woods the puddles were frequent and huge. Navan is not a fan of puddles but even he could not avoid all of them. 
One thing he was not worried about avoiding was the horse manure all over the trail. I hate it when horses go to the bathroom on the trail because the dogs alwats want to eat it. Aussies can have a genetic abnormality that makes Ivermectin, a horse wormer, fatal. Of course, Navan managed to grab some manure despite my efforts. He then proceeded to come home and throw up manure on my couch. Why not? 


2 Responses

  1. Yuck!

  2. That is one my e. e. favorites! Such a good poem and perfect for those Aussies!

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