Slice of Life #24

How are there still two more weeks until spring break? I feel I’ve been saying something similar for weeks! Every weekend I think, “At lesser spring break is almost here.”  Except it’s not! 

I’m exhausted and more than ready for break. I’m so exhausted that I almost forgot to do this post. Thank goodness for iPhone alarms! I’ve got a reminder set for 10:15 every night so that I don’t skip an entry. It’s saved my butt more than a handful of times. 

Tonight, after picking up the dogs and doing a 2 mile walk at the park with the pack, I headed back to school for Teacher’s Pet. Teacher’s Pet is an annual event and it’s always a ton of fun. My senior and I didn’t win but we definitely laughed a lot! 

On the way home I stopped to pick up a broccoli roll (no meat on Fridays during Lent). After eating my dinner I collapsed On the couch, turned on March Madness, and didn’t move until my Slice of Life alarm went off. And now I will get back to the game and relaxing. 

Is it spring break yet?


One Response

  1. I’m on the other side of this – how is it that my spring break is over tomorrow! Hope yours hurries up and arrives. 🙂 And a broccoli roll? Never heard of that, and I can’t have meat on Fridays either. Will have to look into it.

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