Slice of Life #21

This is a relaxed puppy at the vet today. It’s a huge improvement from his last few visits. The last few times we went to the vet he flipped out, screaming and kicking. He required two vet techs to restrain him for a simple exam. I was mortified. 

His last appointment was a month ago. Since then we’ve practiced being restrained by picking Navan up and holding him more. I also brought him to the vet’s office at least once per week to do some training and get pet by the techs. Today was his first big test. 

Navan only needed one shot so the tech said she could take him in the back and do it. I wished her luck and handed over the leash. I told the tech I wouldn’t be worried if I heard him screaming. She laughed and Navan trotted off. 

I sat in the waiting room and listened. I heard nothing. 

A few minutes later the tech returned him to me. “Did you take him to a soundproof room?” I asked with a laugh. She laughed and then told me he was perfect. “A little wiggly, but so much better than last time! And no screaming!”

This made for a much better and less stressful vet visit. And now we are done until he turns one!

As a reward, Navan and Dublin got some Dairy Queen ice cream. A good day all around!

(Not as good? When we walked into the vet’s office there was a mother with two small children weeping at the counter. The mother kept releasing “But she was fine two hours ago!”  I was definitely not ready to see a family that had just euthanize their pet. I almost burst into tears. Those wounds are still very raw). 


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  1. Happy to hear this appointment was less eventful and less stressful than the last one. And DQ to celebrate sounds good too!

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