Slice of Life #20

My day:

2am: Navan wakes up and needs to go out. This is rare at night but happened today. 

5am: wake up and watch Navan while a Chris gets ready for work. 

5:30am: walk the dogs around the block with Chris. 

5:45-6am: take Navan out back and wait fir him to go to the bathroom. And wait. And wait. No luck. 

6am-6:45am: get dressed, make lunch, get dinner in the crockpot, load the dishwasher, feed the cat m, clean the litter box, take Navan out two more times (still no luck). 

6:45am: leave for school

7:15am: arrive at school

2:45am: head home after work

2:55pm: get text message from house cleaner saying she is early and the dog is out. She’s an hour early And Dublin is usually put away when she gets there. Oh, and Navan has never been in his crate and not taken out to the bathroom immediately when one of us arrives home from work. Awesome. He’s either going to have an accident in the crate or bark his head off. Possibly both. 

3:15pm: arrive home, take dogs out, put dogs in car to go to the pet store. Navan has outgrown his car crate so I clip him into the backseat for his first long car ride. 

3:30pm: stop for gas. 

4:10pm: arrive at pet store and take the dogs out. Lean on the seat cover and discover Navan peed on my seat (my fault, should have take him out one more time before  getting in the car). Now my jeans are soaked with pee. Ugh. 

4:30pm: leave per store with Guinness’ cat food

5:15pm: arrive home, put dogs inside, out seat cover and jeans in wash. 

5:30pm: Chris arrives home and then takes Navan to puppy class from 6-7pm. 

6:15pm: remember that it’s free Rita’s day! Remember I don’t like Rita’s. Decide to take Dublin for a walk then pick up Ralph’s Italian ice for dessert. 

6:45pm: get to Ralph’s and find out it’s closed for renovations. Noooo!

7:30pm: eat dinner, watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on the DVR. 

8:15pm: take Navan out to the bathroom then crate him for a nap. Watch Planet Earth II with Chris. While watching TV order Navan a new crate (he’s outgrown the current one). 

9:15pm: take dogs out to the bathroom and then give them their frozen Kongs. 

9:45pm: take Navan out to the bathroom. No luck. 

10:15pm: take Navan out to the bathroom. No luck. 

10:30pm: hang out with Chris and the dogs. 

10:45pm: take Navan out to the bathroom. No luck. 

11pm: shower

11:15pm: take Navan out to the bathroom. No luck. 

11:30pm: write this post.