Slice of Life #18

Today I had to head into the city for a meeting about my grad school program, the Advanced Inquiry Project, at the Bronx Zoo.  The weather was miserable, with ice pellets and snow alternating as the day went on. 

Because the weather was awful the zoo was empty. Our meeting was not in a public area so we had to walk a bit to get there. To stay warm we popped into the bird house, which is always warm and humid. On a day like today it was refreshing!

Many of the birds were nesting, which was really cool to see. The scarlet ibises were all building nests, as were the spoonbills. My favorite birds are the little blue penguins so I love any chance I get to see them. They are only 1 foot tall and weigh 3 lbs. and tonight they are on The Zoo (on Animal Planet). 

Of course, my clsssmate and I forgot that cutting through the bird house meant we’d have to walk through the outside seabird portion of the exhibit. Brrr! However, we did get to see many if the seabirds, including penguins, up close and personal!