Slice of Life #17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For the past two weeks I have been looking for a local store that carries Irish sausage. I know lots of people eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, but not me. Why not? Because it’s not actually Irish

Instead of corned beef and cabbage I like to make bangers and mash. The bangers on the aforementioned meal are Irish pork sausages. Unfortunately, I could not find them anywhere around here. 

Then serendipity struck! I was checking Facebook this morning when a local page,Portraits  of the Jersey Shore, posted about finding corned beef and cabbage locally. The owner of a small market in Brick posted that they carried Scottish and Irish imports and I was intrigued. When I asked if they carried bangers they said they did!

I was able to place and order online so I ordered 1lb of Irish sausage and said I’d pick it up after school. It was a 35 minute drive but it was well worth it. Cameron’s Scottish Market, home of Celtic Knot Fish & Chips, is a tiny grocery store in Brick that feels like a little piece of Scotland and Ireland. The food in the bakery case was mouth-watering but I managed to walk out with only the sausage I ordered. 

And the sausage was perfect! Dinner was delicious and I have a new place to shop! 

Tonight’s bangers and mash dinner.