Slice of Life #10- Snow?!

Last night, Navan woke up at 3:30am to go outside. I was surprised to find I could step out to the patio barefoot. It was supposed to snow later in the day so shouldn’t it have been colder?

A few hours later, around 7am, I was in my way to work. It started to rain and I figured that the cold front wasn’t going to reach us. Not a surprise, in March. 

By the time I got to school it was snowing. 

By the end of first period I could see the trees outside my basement classroom window wore a dusting of snow. 

By the end of second period it looked like this: 

By the time I drove home the snow had stopped, the sky was blue, and the roads were dry. It was still cold (wasn’t it 70° just a few days ago?) but it was very pretty. 

Now the temperature is dropping and the snow is crunchy and icy. The weather in March is weird!


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