Slice of Life #8- Cedar Waxwings

Today was absolutely gorgeous.  When I got home and let the dogs out I decided that we would stay home instead of driving to the park to take a walk.  It was about 60 degrees, the sun was shining, and the dogs were all about playing outside.  After about 30 minutes in the yard we came inside so that I could finish a few things on my to-do list.  Once I made the dogs their Kongs for later in the evening and fed the cat Navan was read to go back outside.

As I opened the sliding glass back door and stepped outside I heard a bird song that I wasn’t familiar with. It was a high-pitched call and it sounded like there were lots of birds calling back and forth.  I’m a bit of an amateur birder so I scanned the trees, looking for the origin of the sound.  In the back of the yard I spotted a flock of birds, way at the top of the trees.  They were light in color, unusual for my normal backyard birds.  It was clear they were not starlings or red-winged blackbirds.

Then I realized what they were.  No way, I thought.  Cedar waxings? I’ve been trying to see cedar waxwings for two or three years but I’ve never spotted them. Once I thought I saw one at the park but it was too far away to be sure and I did not get a clear photo.  After that incident another birder told me that once I heard a cedar waxwing call I would never forget it.  After today, I agree with that birder!

I rushed back inside and grabbed my camera and scope.  The flock of birds was at the top of the trees so I needed to use my long lens and the scope to be sure that I was actually seeing cedar waxwings.  The din of bird song was even louder when I made my way back outside.  One look through the scope confirmed my suspicion- cedar waxwings!

There must have been 50 or 60 birds flitting back and forth in the trees and I must have taken 500 photos.  They were just slightly out of range but I did get some good shots.  And more importantly, I added a new yard bird to my list!