Slice of Life #6


Well, I made it to day 6 before hitting writer’s block.  It’s probably because I spent the last few days drafting a paper for my publishing class this semester.  I’m enjoying the class, not just because it caters to one of my strengths, and the science communication angle is great.  But I pushed myself to sort of “reach for the stars” when it comes to possible publication, so I’ve been drafting and drafting and drafting.  Now my brain feels drained of all words.

It’s also Monday.


Mondays are my long day because I have a middle school enrichment class from 6-8pm.  The good news is I woke up thinking we also had a faculty meeting after school so I was very excited when I realized the meeting is actually next week.  That made my after school routine much easier today!

And now it’s bedtime.  I’m determined to get to bed at a normal time and start the week off more well-rested than usual. Wish me luck!


2 Responses

  1. That going to bed thing is such a challenge. Hope you woke wel rested!

  2. I completely understand the brain becoming mush feeling. Hope today was filled with possibility!

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