Slice of Life #7- The Best Vet Visit (for Navan)



After a disastrous (aka dramatic) vet visit last week, I’ve been taking Navan to visit the vet’s office as part of his training.  He loves everyone at the vet but does not love being restrained for shots or the exam.  We’ve visited two or three times now and he’s getting better so I am hoping that by hys next appointment at the end of the month he will be better behaved.

Today was definitely his favorite visit.  We spent about 10 minutes in the office and he visited a few exam rooms, got kisses from the techs, and had a few treats.  That would be enough to make his day, but it got even better when we walked out to the car.

The vet’s office is next door to a Dairy Queen. When I was walking Navan back to the car one of the Dairy Queen employees was emptying the garbage and saw us.  Navan (and Dublin) tend to elicit a lot of attention because they don’t look like many other dogs around here, so the employee came over to pet him.  Next thing I know, the dogs have been offered some ice cream!

The gif above is one of the few times I was able to get both dogs to sit before I gave them the ice cream.  As you can tell, Navan has the patience of a puppy.  No patience at all!

Navan had never had ice cream before so I put the cup on the ground and let Dublin eat first.  Dublin is very gentle and relaxed so he enjoyed the ice cream slowly.  Meanwhile, Navan was freaking out.  He wanted the ice cream NOW!

When it was finally Navan’s turn he did not waste time.


The remaining ice cream was gone in two bites.  Needless to say, I think he enjoyed it!


Slice of Life #6


Well, I made it to day 6 before hitting writer’s block.  It’s probably because I spent the last few days drafting a paper for my publishing class this semester.  I’m enjoying the class, not just because it caters to one of my strengths, and the science communication angle is great.  But I pushed myself to sort of “reach for the stars” when it comes to possible publication, so I’ve been drafting and drafting and drafting.  Now my brain feels drained of all words.

It’s also Monday.


Mondays are my long day because I have a middle school enrichment class from 6-8pm.  The good news is I woke up thinking we also had a faculty meeting after school so I was very excited when I realized the meeting is actually next week.  That made my after school routine much easier today!

And now it’s bedtime.  I’m determined to get to bed at a normal time and start the week off more well-rested than usual. Wish me luck!