Slice of Life #5- Library Card


As an avid reader I am embarrassed to admit this: I have not had a library card since I was  a little kid.  Ok, I haven’t had a library card for my local library.  I have a grad school library card (for e-access) and I have a library card for the community college library at school.  However, I have not had a regular old town/county library card in many, many years.

This weekend I decided to change that.  The town I grew up in has its own library system, independent of the county system, so when I moved here I never made it to the library.  My to-be-read pile, both physical and virtual, is huge an ever-growing so I didn’t need the card.  However, I’ve started to listening to audiobooks on my commute, in place of the news, and I burned through all of last summer’s free offerings.  I also used up my Audible credits.  When I realized I was running out of books to listen to I decided it was time to get a library card so that I could borrow books through Overdrive.

Saturday morning I headed over the library.  (The main branch is in the next town over). I walked in and headed to the circulation desk.  Imagine my surprise when a former student was behind the desk!  She’s 22 now (eek!) and I had her when I taught 6th grade.  I was definitely mortified, as she probably wondered why her voracious reader English teacher did not already have a library card, but we had a great conversation.  I love seeing former students who have grown into wonderful adults….even when it makes me feel old.

I walked out of the library a few minutes later with my new library card.  I’ve already borrowed my first audiobook (American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers) and I’ve jumped on the holds list for a few others.  I’m thrilled to be a card-carrying member of the library again!


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Slice of Life #4


Today I went to Target for the first time in months.  I tend to avoid Target for two reasons: it’s out of the way and I never leave without spending at least $80.  Has anyone figured out why that happens?  No matter what I do, no matter why I go there, I walk out $80 poorer.  Today was no different of course.  The good news is I got some great deals and I pretty much finished my food shopping for the week.

While I was browsing the aisles I spied some Irish soda bread.  I’m a big fan of Irish soda bread, but only the homemade kind.  Real Irish soda bread, in my experience, is moist and cake-like.  Store-bought Irish soda bread always seems to be dry and gross.  I didn’t want to buy the prepackaged bread but it did inspire me to make my own Irish soda bread today.  I quickly pulled up my favorite recipe and skimmed the ingredients list.  I had most of the ingredients at home and only needed to grab raisins and buttermilk at Target.

I finished my shopping and, of course, the final bill was $82.  It’s like some type of witchcraft!  But once I was home and all the groceries were put away I got to work.  I mixed the dry ingredients and set up the wet ingredients.  The oven was preheated and once the ingredients were mixed together I put the batter in the cake pan and set the oven time for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes I stuck a knife in the center of the loaf and it definitely was not done.  I added 15 minutes to the timer and checked again when the buzzer went off.  Still not done!  15 more minutes added.  Finally, when the buzzer went off and I ran a knife through the center of the loaf it was done!

Now I have a huge loaf of Irish soda bread for breakfasts this week.  I already snuck a piece, warmed it up in the toaster oven, and devoured it.  Delicious, as always!