Slice of Life #3- Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Today I had to run a lot of errands after school.  Once I packed up I headed out to pick up the dogs.  Luckily, they went to doggy daycare today so I knew they would be very tired!  By 4pm we were on the road to Agway, the feed store about 20 miles south of my house.  Agway is the only local store that carries the dog food I am currently feeding my two guys and Navan was completely out of puppy food this morning.  Thus, I had no choice.

Once I got to Agway I grabbed the biggest bag of Victor puppy food and headed towards the register.  Then I remembered that Chris had asked me to check for parsnips in the garden section.  He’s starting his seeds indoors and this year he’s added garlic (which is already sprouting in the bed outside) and a few more new vegetables.  However, we haven’t been able to find parsnip seeds anywhere.  Luckily, the seeds were near the register and parsnips were readily available.  I grabbed a package, paid, and sent Chris a text saying I got the seeds.  He responded once I got in the car and asked if they had seed potatoes yet.  I turned around and headed back inside.  This time, I realized I could hear chicks in the chick house near the front door.  That’s definitely a sign that it’s almost spring!  I quickly grabbed a set of purple seed potatoes (why not!) and paid again.

Once I grabbed what I needed at Agway it was time to steer the car towards the next county over so that I could go to the Barkery, a specialty pet store that carries the cat food I needed to pick up.  Because it was almost rush hour I decided to ask the Waze app to skip 195 (traffic city) and take the back roads.  That was a great choice!  I got to take a 25 minute drive through Chesterfield and Robbinsville, past farms and field, around all of the traffic.

When I got to Hamilton the sun was beginning to set and the wind was picking up.  I left the dogs in the car and ran into the store.  It got cold here today so I wasn’t worried about leaving them in the car for five minutes. In the store, I met a 10-week old boxer puppy, got a free sample of a new raw cat food, and picked up everything I needed.  As I was making my way to the register I glanced out the front windows and saw snow!  More than snow, actually- it looked like a blizzard!  It was a complete white-out and I could not even see my car in the parking lot!

Within minutes it stopped and the sun came out again.  But now the ground and the trees were covered in sparkling snow.  Wasn’t it 70 degrees just the other day?


New Jersey- where you can experience all four seasons in a single week.  How insane is that?  The dogs were excited to see the dusting of snow, at least.  And it didn’t affect my commute home.  In fact, I don’t think it snowed anywhere besides Hamilton!  I saw no snow on my way home and there was not sign of snow at my house when I got home.  Weather is totally weird!