Slice of Life #1- Year 10!

Happy March! March means it’s Slice of Life time and this year is my 10th participating in the month-long writing challenge. Ten years! 

Today it was 70° and humid after school: not exactly March weather. My phone buzzed with a severe thunderstorm warning on the ride home. Is it summer? I wondered. 

My normal routine is to come home, feed the puppy, then take the dogs for a nice hike. Today I did not want to be caught out in the woods during a storm so I had to hustle. Poor Navan ate quickly and then we all jumped in the car. It was dark and the wind was picking up but I wanted to get a mile in, at the very least. To save time we headed to the county park a few blocks away. 

The good news was that the park was empty due to the weather. We parked and jumped on the closest trail. 

Two miles later the clouds were closing in and the wind was picking up, but the rain hadn’t started. The dogs were tired and that means I can get things done tonight. Plus, walking in the woods is relaxing. It’s my favorite part of each day. 


4 Responses

  1. 10 years – congratulations! I am glad you were able to go for the walk before the storm.

  2. Perfect timing! Always love seeing your puppy pics and posts.

  3. One, ten years? Wow! Two, I just wrote about my favorite part of my day for today’s slice – walking Rosie in the morning. Love our pups!

  4. 🙂 Welcome back! 70 degrees sounds heavenly. We are at -25 celsius today. Not sure the conversion to Fahrenheit, but I can assure your there are zero dogs excited about going on walks today.

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