Slice of Life #27


Today we celebrated Easter.  Chris woke up early to go running at the reservoir (he’s training for a half Ironman) and I slept in.  He came home and then ran back out to the movies to see Batman vs. Superman (I wasn’t interested).

While he did his stuff I took the dogs for a walk.  First we went to Prospertown Lake to see if the eagles were fishing.  I think we missed them but I’ll be sure to try again later this week.  It’s pretty amazing at bald eagles are becoming almost commonplace here in NJ.  As a kid I never saw an eagle; now there are 3 mating pairs within a 10-20 minute drive in each direction.

There weren’t any trails at the lake so we only managed to get a quick half mile in by walking along the shore.  Then I headed back home and stopped at the park across the street to get another mile in.

Once Chris and I finished our plans for the day we headed to my family’s house for Easter dinner.  It is also my brother’s birthday so after dinner we had cake and cupcakes to celebrate.  It was a great day and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow!  I love having Easter Monday off (it rarely happens).

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