Slice of Life #22


5:45am- wake up and walk the dogs

6am- back home, feed the dogs, get ready for the day, watch the news about Brussels, frantically scroll through a list of friends who could be there, breathe a sigh of relief when it seems like no one is, pack a lunch, head out.

6:40am-7:10am- drive to school, stop for gas and a drink at Wawa (I need the caffeine), continue on towards school.

7:15am- sign in

7:20am- grab my stuff and head up to the copy room.  Talk with colleague while waiting to use our copy machine.

7:30am-7:35am- Copy vocab tests and then rush to homeroom.

7:40am- attendance.  Pass out vocab tests and Zipgrade answer sheets.  When a few hands go up remind students I can’t define the words for them.  Die of embarrassment when a student points out they don’t know the words because I copied the wrong test.  Panic and find someone to cover for me so I can run upstairs and copy the right test while the students enjoy some extra study time.

7:50am-8:51am- give out correct test.  While students work I grade reading journal entries.

Repeat (minus the wrong test part) for 3 more periods.  Have a lockdown drill and panic because of the events in Brussels.  Sigh of relief when it’s just a drill.

11:15am- LUNCH.  Eat very quickly, copy quiz for seniors.

12:00pm- repeat vocab test for 4th period (and last period) of freshman.  Grade reading responses.  Book talk.

1:09pm- Seniors!  Great conversation about Jekyll and Hyde and the duality of man.  Listen to some amazing two voice poems the students wrote.

2:35pm- head home.

3:00pm-4:00pm- Let the dogs out and deal with 100 things going on.  Lots of phone calls.  Returning calls, listening to messages, cleaning out inbox.

4:20pm- Change and head out to walk the dogs.

4:45-5:45- 2 mile walk and bird watching with the dogs

6:00- read/reread 4 chapters of Your Inner Fish for my own class and work on dinner.  Start drafting discussion question for class on Thursday.

7:30pm- dinner with Chris.  We watch Last Week Tonight while eating and cleaning up.

8:00pm- let the dogs out and give them their bully sticks.  Settle in for an episode or two of House of Cards and post my discussion question.  Cross that off the to-do list!

10:00pm- finish House of Cards for tonight.  Chris switches to Agents of SHIELD.

11:00pm- get ready for bed.  Read over student slices for today.  Realize I forgot my own slice.  Brew tea and brainstorm.

11:59pm- post and go to bed!