Slice of Life #20- March Madness


I’ve been watching basketball all day. Sure, I taught an SAT prep course this morning, ran errands, walked the dogs with Chris, cleaned up for my cleaning lady tomorrow (ironic, I know), cooked dinner, and did a few other things.  But all day long I had had basketball on in the background.

I love March Madness.  The first few days of the tournament are my absolute favorite days of the year because the games are exciting, the upsets are awesome, and basketball is on all day long.  It will start to slow down as we enter the Sweet Sixteen so I savored today.

Today’s games were full of buzzer shots, overtime, bad calls, great fouls, and great sportsmanship.  I should be heading to bed right now but how can I when there’s still four minutes left in the Oregon vs. St. Joe’s game??

My bracket is busted at this point so all I can do is root for the Cinderella’s.  Let’s go, underdogs!!

One Response

  1. I’m with you 100% on both my brackets being busted yet loving the Cinderella’s. I’m really looking forward to the Sweet 16 – it will be fun to see if it’s as unpredictable as the rest of the tourney!

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