Slice of Life #16


My life by the numbers:

  • 74 essays
  • Shortest essay- 2 pages
  • Longest essay- 7 pages
  • Average essay length- between 4 and 5 pages
  • Average amount of time spent giving feedback on each essay- 20 minutes
  • Days I spent grading- 4.5 
  • Average number of essays per day- 16
  • Number of hours spent assessing and providing feedback each day-5 hours and 20 minutes 
  • Average number of hours of sleep this week- 5 (to be fair, that’s not drastically different from my normal time spent sleeping)
  • Average number of steps per day- 10000 (below my normal average)
  • Magnitude of how glad I am to be done providing feedback on draft #1? Infinite. 

I’m done!!!

3 Responses

  1. Wow – that’s a lot of time. What grade level do you teach? Do students write a lot more than you read? I sure hope so! Have you read Kelly Gallagher? He advocates having students write a lot – and then turn in their 4 best. He decides which one to read.

    • I teach 9th grade. My students write waaaaay more than I can read. No worries there! They write daily in journals, biweekly on their blogs, and this month daily on their blogs. I think they’d argue I make them write too much. Haha!

      This is just the research paper required by our curriculum. Rather than the “one and done” version my students are used to from previous classes we do a process-based paper. They turn in multiple drafts; this is the only one I provide copious amounts of feedback on. In the past they usually turned in a paper, got it back, and never read the comments. This way I force them to read the comments and do the revision step.

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