Slice of Life #16


My life by the numbers:

  • 74 essays
  • Shortest essay- 2 pages
  • Longest essay- 7 pages
  • Average essay length- between 4 and 5 pages
  • Average amount of time spent giving feedback on each essay- 20 minutes
  • Days I spent grading- 4.5 
  • Average number of essays per day- 16
  • Number of hours spent assessing and providing feedback each day-5 hours and 20 minutes 
  • Average number of hours of sleep this week- 5 (to be fair, that’s not drastically different from my normal time spent sleeping)
  • Average number of steps per day- 10000 (below my normal average)
  • Magnitude of how glad I am to be done providing feedback on draft #1? Infinite. 

I’m done!!!