Slice of Life #13

Sunday is errand day at my house. I tutor in the morning, Chris goes to the gym or has a race, then we do all of our errands for the week. Today was no different. 

I tutored this morning while Chris ran in a local St. Patrick’s Day 8k. After we both got home we took the dogs on a 3-mile hike at the county park down the street (because we were out most of the day on Saturday). That took about an hour. 
Then we headed out to the stores. We went to Lowes for garden supplies (Chris has seedlings already growing in the basement). After that we stopped st Whole Foods and discovered they opened a ramen shop inside! We bought our St. Patrick’s day bangers and some breakfast yogurts before leaving. 

We finished our food shopping at Stop & Shop. That’s where we picked up our corned beef (and cabbage. Ugh). A totally Americanized meal but I do love corned beef!

Once we got home Chris did some gardening while I cleaned the kitchen and made Irish soda bread. The rest of the night was spent catching up on SNL, Life in Pieces, and Big Bang Theory. Oh, and two episodes of the new season of House of Cards.

Before I knew it I was working on homework and falling asleep!

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