Slice of Life #12- She Loves Me

Today was a Broadway day!


Chris and went into the city to see She Loves Me at the Roundabout Theater. The show stars Laura Benanti; she is a national treasure. While the show is old-fashioned and the music is a bit forgettable, the cast is stellar. Laura Benanti had me laughing so hard I was crying. And she was performing with bronchitis! Her show-stopping voice sounded perfect, despite her illness.

Jane Krakowski,Gavin Creel, and Zachary Levi rounded out the cast and they were all fantastic. I was especially impressed by Levi, who carried the show brilliantly.

After the show I convinced Chris to stagedoor for a few minutes (seeing as we didn’t win the Hamilton lottery). It was a great decision! Zachary Levi came out and was such a sweetheart. He brings out his cell phone and a Bluetooth speaker to blast music while going down the line.


That’s me, hanging out with Zachary Levi.

Just laughing with my friend. 😉

This kid blew me away, too. He’s a senior in high school. A senior! Brilliant in the show and a sweetheart at the stage door.

And here’s Zachary Levi signing my playbill.

She Loves Me is a limited run but if you are in the city I hope you get to see it. The cast is brilliant, the sets are gorgeous, and the book will have to laughing out loud. Plus, there are lots of shout-outs to books and their power.




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  1. I saw a couple of these pics on FB. Seeing you smile and geek out at the theater put a broad smile on my face, too. And I rather like the old-school musicals as well as the modern renditions.

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