Slice of Life #10


Did you know that if Fedex loses your package they don’t take any responsibility for it?

I did not know this until today.

On Tuesday I checked the tracking for an order that had recently shipped.  I ordered a new bed cover for the dogs from MollyMutt (an awesome company) and thought it was due to be delivered.  When I pulled up the tracking information on Fedex’s website I was happy to see that the order had been delivered earlier that day.

It all seemed too easy, so I should have been suspicious.

When I got home the package was nowhere to be found.  Ok, I thought.  Maybe the cleaning company brought it inside.  But I couldn’t find it anywhere inside the house, either.

No big deal, I thought.  A quick call to Fedex should take of this.  So I called and spoke to a lovely woman who set up a trace and told me that most likely the driver had misdelivered the package. This was not unheard of so the next morning he would go back to the home and retrieve the package.  I was annoyed that I had to wait another day to get my package but I was happy with the way Fedex was willing to help me.

It all seemed too easy, so I should have been suspicious.

When I got home from work the next day there was no package.  I checked my phone and there was no call from Fedex either.  After walking the dogs I called Fedex again and was told that the company was a experiencing a system failure but I could expect an update on the situation within 24 hours.

When I got home today there was still no package.  Now I was annoyed.  The bed I bought was on sale so I wanted to make a claim with the shipper before it sold out.  I placed another call to Fedex and after speaking to an operator and being put on hold I was disconnected.  I attempted to call back and the situation repeated.  And it happened a third time.  Really?!

Fourth time is the charm, I guess.  Someone finally called me back and I was excited to get some resolution to the problem.  Maybe the driver had found the package and would be delivering tomorrow.

Yeah, not exactly what happened.

What did happen was a Fedex representative told me that the driver said he delivered it so there was nothing they could do.  I must have lost it or someone in my home must have stolen it.  Yes, they accused me of lying.  Really, Fedex? When I explained that someone was home when the package was supposedly scanned and delivered the representative said there was nothing to be done.  She was closing the issue and Fedex was not responsible for the lost package.  “Our driver delivered it,” she said.  “What happened after that is your responsibility”.

I wanted to punch someone.  So for the record, Fedex doesn’t take responsibility for the actions of their drivers.  They stand by them and don’t require them to retrieve packages when they make a mistake.

Thankfully, my experience with MollyMutt was much better.  The customer service representative who answered the phone was duly horrified by Fedex’s callous attitude and immediately set to work getting my order shipped out again.

While getting that setup he noticed my address and said, “Freehold?  As in Bruce?”

When I said yes, that Freehold, he was very excited.  “I’m seeing Bruce this Saturday!” he exclaimed.

We chatted about Bruce Springsteen for a few minutes and when the conversation trailed off he told me my order was shipping out that hour.  Yes, my new order is already on its way!  And they are filing a claim with Fedex.

I loathe poor customer service and I love great customer service.  A nice customer service representative can save the day!