Slice of Life #5

Happy Friday!  It’s been a long week and because I’m working on Saturday and Sunday I spent this afternoon relaxing.

My favorite part of every Friday is when I sit down on the couch, cue up DVR, and settle in to watch that week’s episode of Law and Order:SVU. I’m a huge fan of SVU!  I’ve been watching for years and I never miss a new episode. It’s one of my go-to chill out shows. It may not seem like a relaxing show but I love how each episode contains it’s own narrative arc while still advancing the overall plot of the show. It’s one of the shows I can turn on and watch regardless of the episode currently airing. It’s perfect!

For the record, this week’s episode was incredible. Kudos to the writers who had me gasping and on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, it’s a two-parter and the next episode won’t air until March 23!

Good thing Netflix released season four of House of Cards today….