Slice of Life #21- An (Awesome) Exhausted Slice

I had grand plans of detailing my insane day, but it is almost midnight and I just walked in the door.  I am exhausted.  But I am exhausted in a good way.  So as I try to eat a quick dinner before the dawn of a new day I will list some of the cool parts of my long day.

  • Spending the day at the NCTE conference.  Jen and I met at 8:30am on the Parkway and we left Montclair almost 9 hours later.  We went to workshops, met with authors (David Lubar is awesome!), and listened to some great speakers.  I also loved seeing how excited the attendees were to get the books donated by my amazing publisher friends.
  • At the general meeting after the conference Jen and I were voted co-vice presidents of NJCTE.  🙂
  • We left NJCTE and headed to Jersey City to catch the PATH train to New York City.  This did not go as planned and I will probably explain that tomorrow.  Suffice to say that the parking in Jersey City is awful and we refused to pay $50 to park in Hoboken for a few hours.
  • We made it to McNally Jackson on Prince St. with seconds to spare!  But the crazy day was totally worth it because the author panel and reading was so much fun!  Coe Booth, Michelle Knudsen, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Andrew Smith, Lindsay Smith, Jessica Spotswood,Tommy Wallach, and David Levithan were awesome!

It’s been a long day and I will get this posted just before midnight if I post it now.  More to follow!