Slice of Life #18- A Rant About the USPS

This is going to be a rant.  Just a warning!

Over the last few months my mail delivery has slowly been going downhill.  Below is a list of just some of the issues I have been dealing with:

  • irregular mail delivery- Sometimes my mail is delivered, then I get nothing for two days.  The next time the mail comes i will clearly be more than a day’s worth of mail.
  • late mail- On Friday I received an important piece of mail.  The problem?  It was mailed from my town five days earlier.  It arrived five hours after I was supposed to be at the location it was inviting me to.
  • packages thrown in the snow- I live on a main road and recently my packages have been thrown in the snow, thrown in the road, and if I am very lucky it’s stuffed into the mailbox and I can’t get it out.
  • custodian delivering mail- Yes, that’s right.  Two weeks ago a man in a van (not a USPS van) parked in front of my house.  After about fifteen minutes I went outside to see if he needed help.  He introduced himself as the custodian at the post office and said they had him delivering mail, even though he had never done it before.  He said, “The trained me for about five minutes this morning.  That can’t be a good sign.”
  • other people’s mail- Today I did not get any mail.  Well, I did not get any of my own mail.  I did get the mail for 551 My Street and 777 My Street. Where is my mail?!

None of this makes me happy.  I have tried contacting the post office but nothing changes.  They just tell me that they are understaffed.  No apologies, no offers to make it better.  Just a half-hearted apology.  Today I was told a supervisor would call me back ASAP.

I’m still waiting.

Maybe tomorrow my mail will come?

4 Responses

  1. I feel your pain. For a while, we had a mailman who would drop mail as he walked along my street. My neighbor once found my 5-figure student loan payoff check in her bushes. Needless to say, I was appalled!

  2. Frustrating! Sounds like the custodian might be up for a promotion though. 🙂

  3. Packages thrown in the snow? OH MY GOODNESS. That would make me nuts (as would all of the other stuff). You need my mailman in your life. Mr. Mike is kind, helpful, reliable, AND he’ll bring my mail to the door if he sees me coming outside the same time as he’s coming by. Seriously, we all need mail carriers like Mr. Mike.

  4. Someday I will tell you the saga of shipping some of Linda’s stuff to CA. Everything was insured, I had complete lists–and it took 5 months to get payment for the stuff they lost–and I talked to Washington, DC HQ in the process. Yeah–then they wonder why people don’t LIKE to use snail-mail.

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