Slice of Life #7- Baby, It’s Cold Outside! 

Exactly how cold is it when you spend three hours hiking through a local county park in 10 inches of snow with 10 middle schoolers and the thermometer says ten degrees?

How many pairs of socks should one wear to hike for three hours?

Are mittens or gloves the better choice when you will be taking pictures, making eco-art, and pointing out animal tracks?

How distracted do middle schoolers get when you add snow to the hike?

How many times can you say “Please don’t pick up the fallen icicles!” and “don’t eat snow!”?

How tired am I after a three hour hike in the snow?

But then….

How  gorgeous is a forest covered in snow?

How invigorating is it spend a few hours out in the snow?

How awesome is it when goofy middle schoolers get very serious about creating ephemeral eco-art?

How tired are middle schoolers after a three hour hike?

How grateful am I to the inventor of the Columbia omni-heat line, which kept me warm and toasty during the three hours spent outside today?

How happy will I be when spring comes?


2 Responses

  1. I love that you included a picture – thanks for the picture of nature. I love the way your writing evolved midway through. You were transformed by the beauty of winter around you.

  2. Bless your heart! I have great respect for someone who does things with kids on their own time– especially on the weekend–and definitely in the snow and cold–and when it’s 10″ of snow and only 10 degrees?!

    Seriously, though, I love the way you approached this writing– addressing each point as a question. Those question marks leave a little bit of space for ambiguity–like maybe you are going to see the positive OR the negative, and I have to keep reading to find out which one. I enjoyed it! Thanks for your extra time with kiddos on the weekend. Have a great week!

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