Looking for Opportunities #sol14

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI’m really, really excited.  Why?  Because we are going to (hopefully) get a butterfly garden at school!

This year, my colleague Mr. Roche and I are focusing on finding opportunities for our freshmen.  We want them to explore their interests and figure out what they are passionate about, rather than spreading themselves too thin with dozens of activities.  My passion is obviously citizen science and monarch butterflies.  When I saw that MonarchWatch was running a milkweed grant program I shared it with Mr. Roche.  We decided to present the info to the class to see if anyone was interested.

I was thrilled with the response.

Lots of students emailed us to let us know they were interested in the possibilities and would like to help with the grant-writing.  So today we stayed after school and got organized.  A googledoc was started and the students will be brainstorming this weekend.  The goal is to get the grant written and submitted before spring break so that the students can plant before summer (if we get the grant).  I’m excited to help with the monarch habitat and even more excited to see my students starting to explore new interests.  Who knows? One of those students might be the person who discovers how monarchs find their overwintering grounds or another use for milkweed.  That makes me smile!