Teacher Lady #sol14

I opened the refrigerator and pondered its contents. Chris would be home in an hour so I should probably start thinking about dinner. As I surveyed the shelves I kept a mental tally of the ingredients we had.

Leftover pizza. Nah, Friday will be pizza or fish because it’s Lent.
Chicken Tenders

The list went on and on.

I’m tired when I get home from work. Then I walk the dogs, then I relax if there is time, and then I cook. There are days when I can’t stand the thought of making a meal, so we order out. But most days, cooking lets me relax.

I’m far from organized in my daily life, but cooking gives me an outlet for organization with some room for my own ideas. It’s relaxing and soothing; follow the recipe, adjust to taste, eat a delicious meal. So even when I’m frustrated or in a bad mood, cooking can turn my day around.

I’m not a great cook by any means. But I like the focus involved, the step-by-step instructions. I like experimenting with new dishes and tastes. I like making dinner.

That’s how we ended up having chicken fried steak for dinner. We had the ingredients and I’ve never made it before. After dredging, frying, flipping, mashing, and steaming the meal, this was the result:


A delicious comfort meal made by yours truly. And an hour of relaxation while I made it. Well worth it.

I may not be Ree Drummond, but this Teacher Lady was certainly pleased.