Breakfast for Dinner! #sol14


Happy Fat Tuesday!  I actually forgot that it was Fat Tuesday (probably because I spent all day thinking it was Wednesday) until I was getting ready for dinner.  I couldn’t think of anything to make for dinner and then I remembered that it’s traditional to eat pancakes on Fat Tuesday.  DONE! Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?  I could practically taste the bacon already.

I decided I wanted something a little more interesting than pancakes and I had a loaf of French bread to use up, so I started googling.  Within minutes I was on the Pioneer Woman’s blog, an old standby for me, and discovered her recipe for Baked French Toast. The photos left my mouth watering, so I began to scan the ingredients.  Yes!  All of them were in my cabinet and refrigerator.

Mixing, slicing, cubing.  I placed the bread pieces in the casserole dish and added the topping.  Into the oven it went and I crossed my fingers it would taste good.  There seemed to be an awful lot of liquid and I feared the end result would be a soggy mess.  But I closed the oven and enjoyed the sweet scent that took over house.

An hour later, I had the most amazing dinner (complete with leftovers for breakfast tomorrow).  The baked French toast melted in your mouth and the cinnamon added a nice dose of sweetness.  The brown sugar and butter crust was divine.  The egg mixture soaked into the broad just like it was supposed to. A little bit of maple syrup and some whipped cream topped off the meal.  Perfect for Fat Tuesday!