Slice of Life-Year Seven

In typical fashion, I’m writing my Slice of Life post minutes before the clock strikes midnight. Like Cinderella, I need to get home because I have a deadline. Unlike Cinderella, I have a smartphone with the WordPress app. Thank goodness, right? My students are participating in this year’s Slice of Life Classroom Challenge and I warned them I, much like them, am a procrastinator. But I will get my 31 slices done!!

I guess I’ll explain why my slice is being posted at 11:45pm while I’m driving home. (I’m the passenger in the car. No worries). Last night I was at the HTHS House Cup competition getting teary-eyed over my seniors (who I am so proud of!). I got home late, went up bed, and woke up at 7am. I was out the door before 8am, on my way to my middle school science enrichment class field study. My colleague and I spent 3 hours at the park with seven students who observed nature, created Eco-art, and played games. As a result, my Fitbit tells me I walked almost 9 miles today!

I got home at 1:30 and Chris and I took the dogs to another park where we walked the dogs 2 miles. Dropped the dogs at home and did our food shopping, in an attempt up avoid the crowds before tomorrow night’s snowstorm. Grabbed dinner, rushed home, ate, fed the dogs, walked them again, then changed for the night.

Notice I did lot say we unpacked the groceries. Oops. They are still in the car. Thank goodness it’s freezing out!

Left the house at 6pm, stopped for coffee, and drive an hour to Moorestown. The plan was to surprise Chris’ cousin at his high school musical. Mission: complete! The musical was great, Chris’ cousin was awesome, and now we are headed home. Where I will walk the dogs and promptly crash.

Tomorrow I have nothing to do. Yay!

*post will be updated later with links/visuals.