Slice of Life March 27th, 2013 #slice2013


Tonight I took my little sister to see Taylor Swift.  Ok, she was a convenient excuse for me to go see Taylor Swift.

I’ve loved Taylor Swift ever since I first heard “Tim McGraw” back in 2006.  Even though she is younger than me, her songs provide a soundtrack for my teen and college years.  Her songs are like little YA novels set to music, and her albums are all awesome.  I’m partial to her more country-esque albums, but I own them all.

Tonight, I almost went deaf at her Red Tour.  I’ve never seen so many light-up signs or heard so much high-pitched screaming.  But it was awesome to watch all these young girls and teens (and twenty-somethings!) sing along to “Mean” and nod along as Taylor told them to ignore the people who try to bring them down.  They also sang along, even louder, to “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and I laughed as Taylor Swift told the audience they shouldn’t get back with their evil ex-boyfriends just to be with someone.

It was a great night and a great time with my sister.  🙂 And now it’s after midnight and I need some sleep!

2 Responses

  1. So fun! My favorite Taylor Swift memory is from my younger son. When he was about 3 he would ask for the “please say yes” song and then he’d get this goofy little grin on his face. It wasn’t a song I’d ever listened to in the car before (I think he heard it at daycare), and it was so cute.

  2. My favorite line of all time: Her songs are like little YA novels set to music. So, so true! I really enjoy country music and I love Taylor Swift’s songs–after you hear one, you sing it in your head the rest of the day. It maybe teen-age music, but old people love it too. I’m jealous.

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