Slice of Life March 15th, 2013 #slice2013


Tonight was my first agility class with the dogs.  We’ve done a bit of informal agility work in the past, but we’ve never done anything official.

If you aren’t sure what agility is, take a look at this quick video.

It’s been a long week and I’m exhausted.  I was dreading the class a little because it’s 25 minutes away and I was so tired. But at 5:30 I met up with my friends who are also in the class, took one of the puppies in my car with the Aussies (three Aussies in one Honda Civic…oh my!), and headed west.  When we got to the barn where class was being held, there was a bit of confusion and chaos, but everything soon got settled.

The class started with a lot of handouts (for the people, not the dogs!).  They went over the definitions and a lot of the technical terms in the sport of agility.  Then we started to work.  First, we worked on front and rear crosses, which I am terrible at.  The dogs did a great job, but I am ridiculously clumsy and almost tripped a million times.  But Bailey was complimented on her beautiful movement (and her speed).  Of course, Bailey started the activity by running “crazy-go-nuts” around the arena at first.  Always a bundle of energy!

I spent the night switching back and forth between both dogs, as we practiced crosses and targeting.  Dublin was awesome at targeting, which is when  the dog stops at the end of a ramp and pauses, waiting for a command, with the back paws on the contact and front paws on the ground.  Both dogs had their own strengths, which was so cool to see.

It was a great class and all three of us left tired.  It’s so cool to watch the dogs learning and taking in information, figuring out what I am asking them to do.  Plus, I got to spend an hour outside, working with them.  I can’t wait for the next class!