Slice of Life March 14th, 2013 #slice2013


Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day is a BIG.DEAL at my school.  We are a math and science school, so it’s like Christmas around here.  This year, my juniors (the class I advise), had March as their fundraising month.  They had the brilliant idea to take their normal “bake” sale item- soft pretzels- and wrap them into a Pi Day contest.

The result was a line of juniors being “pied” at lunch today.  Raffle tickets were sold, and for every 15 soft pretzels that were sold, a raffle ticket was pulled.  The winner got to throw a whipped cream pie at the junior who up at that time.  It was a huge hit!  All 150 pretzels sold (pretty impressive for a school of 280 kids!) and with 10 minutes left in lunch they had raised a lot of money to put towards prom.

It was messy, smelly, and a little chaotic, but it was also a lot of fun!  I laughed the entire time and managed to avoid getting whipped cream on me, too.  All in all, a very great day.  And I’m extraordinarily proud of my juniors, who have grown into the best class and never fail to make me laugh.  🙂