Slice of Life March 11th, 2013 #slice2013


Dear Weather,

Thank you for the spring-like temperatures today.  We were able to get out and take a nice walk after school!! We all needed the break and I finally went without gloves and a winter parka. It was glorious.

Love, Sarah

Dear Daylight Savings Time,

I am not grateful for the loss of an hour.  I’m still confused about what time it is.  But thank you for staying light until almost 7pm.  Seeing the sun still shining at 6:50pm made it almost worth it to have to walk the dogs in the dark again at 6am.

Love, Sarah

Dear Guinness,

Why must you hack up a hairball on my newly cleaned and vacuumed rugs?  It’s like clockwork — house is clean, cat pukes.

Love, Sarah

Dear Self,

Please try to get back on a normal sleep schedule.  Seriously.

Love, You

7 Responses

  1. Love the letters and agree with all but one of them. No hair balls around me. But would truly love to get my body on a normal schedule again! Thanks for all the perspectives.

  2. Love the letters – and echo your sentiments. Well, I don’t have a cat, but the others – yes.

  3. Great post. Thanks for the idea for a future post.

  4. Dear Self,
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thank Sarah for the quirky conceit and remember to use next week. ;p

  5. I think we’re all feeling this way today. (The cat didn’t puke; the dog peed on the rug!) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great format. I wonder to whom I should write a letter.

  7. I love this idea to share with my class. They are third graders. I wonder if their letters could be as clever as yours. I think I’ll try it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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