Slice of Life March 7th, 2013 #slice2013


Every day after school, I come home and get changed quickly so I can take the dogs for a walk.  Sometimes it’s a pain (especially when it’s cold and raining, like today!) and sometimes I dread it, but we rarely skip that afternoon walk.  And I’m always glad when we get started.

Some days we get into the car first and head to a local park.  I think we’ve hiked at every park within a 45 minute drive!  But today the weather was gross, so we stuck to the neighborhood route and completed a 2-mile loop.  We have to walk at least 2 miles after school or the Aussies will drive me crazy later that night!

Today’s walk was quiet.  The snow started coming down again and Bailey kept trying to catch snowflakes.  Dublin’s coat was quickly covered in large, wet flakes that melted before he could lick them off.  We didn’t see anyone else, except for the visiting wood ducks and a heron in the pond behind out development.  The sky was grey and cloudy, and the snowflakes melted as soon as they reached the ground.  But it was a beautiful walk, and just what I needed.  These walks clear my mind, relax me, and the dogs always make sure I laugh.