Slice of Life March 6th, 2013 #slice2013


I never thought I would see the day when I prayed to not have a snow day tomorrow.  Especially when we haven’t had a day off since New Years Day!  But if we have a snow day, then  we will lose the first day of spring break.  Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we lost all of the holidays between winter break and spring break and our last day of school is June 28th.

Yes.  I said the 28th. After starting school on September 4th.

Usually, I love snow days!  The dogs get to play, I can read all day, and I would even get to catch up on some grading.  But not this time.  I need my spring break and I need it intact!

So tonight I brought home all of the work I need to grade.  I figured that it’s Murphy’s Law — if I am over-prepared then we will have school. Hopefully that will counteract the kids who are wearing their pajamas inside-out and backwards tonight!


6 Responses

  1. I’m torn about a snow day tomorrow, too. My day will be busy no matter where I am, but no school means rescheduling our state test. Hope you have school!

  2. I’m so sorry that a snow day is not a welcome respite these days! We’re in the exact opposite situation; not a single ice day, and we’re back to fire-danger status because of the lack of rain and windy weather.

  3. I didn’t really want our snow day, either. I hate them when June arrives.

  4. One of my first slices this March was thinking to June … already … and how depressing it is that Snow Days have pushed us further into the summer months. I hope your strategy worked for you. (I think that snow system is moving our way.)

  5. Oh no! You all have been so bombarded with the weather this year. I can’t imagine the dread I would feel knowing I had to muster up enough energy to teach all the way through June! I will include you all in my prayers, too!

  6. For your sake, I hope you go, but this must be the first time I’ve ever heard someone wish for “no” snow day.

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