Slice of Life- March 3, 2013 #slice2013

Serendipity is the word of the day.


On Wednesday, I spent some time at a local park, with a friend who volunteers there. At the end of our walk, she mentioned that another volunteer at the park had lost her beloved border collie a couple of months ago and she was hoping I could keep an eye out for any that came up for adoption. Another friend of mine runs a rescue and I’ve been looking at all the dogs recently, as my parents may be interested in adopting in the future. So I promised to keep an eye out.

Yesterday, I met that same friend when I was working at the park with my middle schoolers, and I knew she was the perfect dog mom. We exchanged numbers and I told her she would be the first to know if a border collie came in. She had been talking to a bunch of breed rescues for a few weeks but had been hitting dead ends.

Last night, I got a call that a group of dogs had just arrived from a kill shelter in West Virginia. I ended up heading over to help transport them to the rescue, in the hopes that my family would spot a puppy they liked in the mix. We were told there were 3 very young mixed breed puppies (only about 3 months old), a few puggles, some dachsunds, and a husky mix with blue eyes.

Well, I only needed to glance at the gorgeous blue-eyed mama to know she was a border collie mix. (After some research, I now think there’s a good chance she is a pure smooth coat border, actually!). She was found as a stray, with a 3 month old puppy that they believe is hers. This poor mama is not even a year old herself! Well, I sent a text to the friend-of-a-friend last night and she set up a meet-and-greet with the rescue this afternoon. I said I would stop by to take some pictures while they were there.

I arrived about 5 minutes late and I knew the pictures would not be necessary. The love between this family and the border collie was palpable. Everyone was in love. It was a match made in heaven!

Tonight, mama border collie has a loving family to adopt her, her very own backyard, and an appointment to be spayed (to go with her clean bill of health). Serendipity, I tell you. We didn’t expect a border collie to be in this group, and the family connected with me in the hope that I could introduce them to the rescue so that eventually they would find a new border collie for their family. But because I was looking for my family, I was able to make this amazing connection. And the gratitude from both humans and canine has made my week.

Enjoy your new life, mama border collie! You have a family that understands you and already loves you! I see a lot of running and fetching in your future, and a lot of cuddling.

Mama border collie, who did not stay still for my picture

Mama border collie, who did not stay still for my picture


5 Responses

  1. Lovely! We rescued our pup from a no-kill shelter. It’s the only way I’ll ever get a dog.

  2. Beautiful! What a happy ending…What a difference you made in the lives of those who needed a little serendipity!

  3. That is indeed serendipity! Mama border collie… and the family… are so lucky to have made that connection with your help. Thanks for sharing your story, from one dog lover to another… 🙂

  4. Yay for happy endings! Love that she wouldn’t stay still for the picture.

  5. Don’t you just love those win-win moments? Thanks for being the connection that led to happy beginnings for all. Great story!

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