Slice of Life- March 1, 2013 #slice2013

During the month of March, I will be participating in the Slice of Life Challenge.  My goal is to post a new slice everyday, and my 9th graders are challenging themselves to do the same.


Walking into Trader Joe’s is a bit like walking into heaven.  I live smack dab in between two stores, both of which are about 40 minutes away.  Thus, I don’t get to shop at Trader Joe’s as often as I would like.  But tonight we had to drop the car off at the dealer, which just happens to be five minutes away from heaven.  We made a quick detour!

Most people go to Trader Joe’s for the healthy, organic food that they offer.  And believe me, I love some of the items they sell.  But that’s not what draws me in, like a moth who sees a flame from afar.  No, it’s not the healthy eating.

I am a dessert girl.

And Trader Joe’s carries my Kryptonite- speculoos products.

Cookie Butter. Crunchy Cookie Butter. Speculoos cookies. Cookie Butter filled candy bars.

My mouth is watering as I type this!

What is cookie butter?  Imagine nut butter with crushed up gingerbread cookies in it.

photo (4)

Drooling yet?

Tonight I managed to leave the store with only a few cookie butter candy bars, seeing as I already have a jar of crunchy cookie butter and a jar of smooth cookie butter at home.  Ok, I also bought some speculoos cookies (the ones crushed up in the cookie butter).  That would be a good dinner, right?






*I think this is the 5th year I am doing the Slice of Life Challenge.  Thanks to Stacey and Ruth for a fabulous challenge that inspires me to write every year. 🙂