What Will You Do with an English Degree?

  1. Michael Berube asks: ”what will you do with an English degree?” and concludes- a lot. bit.ly/X7lSqB
  2. RT @samplereality: Another way of interpreting the data @MichaelBerube1 uses ( bit.ly/Wkefuj) is that STEM degrees need more reading and writing. #MLA13
  3. “The more reading and writing they did – serious reading, analytical writing – the more they learned. ” bit.ly/Wkefuj > STEM please
  4. A very interesting article that makes a great argument for some majors that you may have never considered! fb.me/16PVsWNd7
  5. Great post! Developing critical media literacy across texts and kinds of media (including film) is absolutely an asset. buff.ly/S9IMQk
  6. That Humanities Degree you’re pursuing will suit you quite nicely career-wise… tinyurl.com/afgqyzt
  7. To anyone who’s ever been asked, “What do you do with an English (insert other creative) degree?” bit.ly/WbYzJa @CNN
  8. Wondering about the value of a liberal arts degree? One of our #pennstate profs breaks it down for @CNN ow.ly/gEaK6
  9. Great article by Michael Bérubé on the value of a Humanities degree schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn….
  10. RT @KenSmith: “Humanities majors .. are employable anywhere in the economy where there is thinking to be done”–Michael Bérubé. schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn….

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