#48HBC Update (Sunday)

Update!  It’s strange not dedicating the entire weekend to the challenge, but I’m happy with what I have done so far.  I think with blogging/tweeting/cheering people on, I will just hit the 12 hour mark.  I’ll be thrilled with that, considering I lost an entire day to previous commitments.

*Edited at 2:41pm

I’m reading in hour-long increments now.  So many distractions today!

*Edited at 7:37pm

Had to take the dogs for a run/swim at the park.

*Edited at 9:05pm

Time spent reading:

11 hours, 15 minutes

Time spent blogging/tweeting/encouraging others/catching up on the challenge:

1.5 hours

Total time so far:  10 hours, 39 minutes

Books completed:
Capture the Flag– Fantastic MG mystery.  I loved it!
One for the Murphys– Get your tissues ready.  Loved the connection to Wicked.
The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo– A Christmas gift from my baby sister, which came highly recommended.
Salvage the Bones: A Novel– I am too much of a dog lover to be able to enjoy this book.  I appreciate that it is well-written, but it left me feeling sick to my stomach.  Warning: excessive focus on dog fighting.
Sudden Flash Youth: 65 Short-Short Stories (Karen and Michael Braziller Books)– Looking forward to using this with my freshman next year.  Some of the stories are really powerful!
Mangaman– A student recommendation. Not my favorite, but enjoyable. I’m not a graphic novel reader, yet.
Trafficked– So, so good.  I love watching Law & Order: SVU, and this read like an episode of the show.
The Polar Bear Scientists (Scientists in the Field Series)– I love this series so, so, so very much.

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